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Anime Expo ’15 Photos

So, that was an entertaining ride. I started the day picking up something a friend borrowed for a cosplay she had planned on doing for another con at the begging of the year but didn’t fall through. Oh well. It was hot out, so getting inside felt rather nice. And the lines to pick up badges were given a lot of praise because of how fast they went by.

Pretty much one thing that bothered me the entire time was the fact I didn’t see many of my friends there, and not sure why. But on day one I took off a bit early, but during the time there, i got a nice bunch of photos. So behold.

And brace yourself for the rest that are coming.

Firefall Gun 0

Firefall Gun

A little webcam photo I took awhile ago asking some people on facebook if they want to do a shoot with them holding it looking all bad ass and such. Sadly not sure that can happen because it’s leaking and I can’t figure out why. I’ve covered up the hole but nothing is working. Anywho, how I got it is during Anime Expo there was a big bus in front in the convention center with a demo of the game Firefall and if you signed up for the beta they would give you this giant, inflatable gun. I asked if it worked on mac but was told it didn’t, but they said to just sign up anyways and I got it. And now that I can’t do anything with it anymore because of this crappy leak and I want a new gun.


Anime Expo ’12 – Day 4 – Final

They are all now online… yes! so many of them, holy crap. Now day 4 wasn’t exactly very eventful, I walked around taking more photos and a little video (which is coming, not a lot but I have some. just hope tape didn’t warp anywhere), and because there were a lot less people there I didn’t get as many photos but of what I did they came out nicely. Also something I need to do is once again figure out a new gallery system, all this manual stuff is a pain in the ass so I need to pull something off.

And now we have it, final day, see you next year.


Anime Expo ’12 – Day 3

The day started off with something really strange happening. as I was walking by the blue line station I hear some guy screaming out “stop!” and I see him grab some guy saying he is making a citizens arrest and calling for the guards at the station to do something about him. I have no idea what happened, figured it was because he might of hit the guy or told something from him and just got on his bike and rode off. So the first guy is yelling out “I don’t feel safe in this area anymore.” “lets all break the law, we should give him a medal.” Turns out it was because the guy was riding his bike on the platform. Yes it is recommended not to do that but most people don’t really care anyways that I’ve found.

Much more hanging around, taking photos, and later that day a friend of mine with me find herself a bit of a stalker, he was walking around her for a while taking photos from different angles so we called one of the staff guys to help us out to cover her and get the guy kicked out if we catch him doing it again with her or anyone else. So remember everyone, AX staff are also there to keep us safe. and later that night there was a rumor a girl was kidnapped but it turned up she went home without telling her friends so all was fine.

so much more crazy.

Delay in Anime Expo photos 0

Delay in Anime Expo photos

Simply because there are so many more coming and there is some video to but I’m getting back home late and have to wake up so early to head back over. In other news I’m going to be in a music video a friend of mine made while there. A kind of wrong video. So hold up on them, monday the 2nd is the last day so be ready for when I post them up.

Anime Expo ’11 0

Anime Expo ’11

Alright, Day one of photos are up. i’ll edit this post as the con is going on. all should be done after i get back on monday

UPDATE: all photos now online. now to post the story of what went on doing the 4 days and start working on the video, which seems to have came out well. hold on to your butts.


Back from Anime Expo 0

Back from Anime Expo

Got back last night, just posting to let everyone know I’m still alive. working on the photos now, not as many as last year but still a lot. The video I took is no good, the tape messed up and I really can’t do anything to fix it. I swear I need a new video camera, one with a built in hard drive. any who, lets see if I can get them online by the end of the day, and I need some kind of good gallery system for my posts.

edit: photos will be up tuesday afternoon, I have them edited, 240. It’s just loading them up is a pain in the ass because wordpress sucks at galleries