Anime Expo ’15 Photos

EDIT: All posts from AX this year are now in one post. Album link below.

DAY 1: So, that was an entertaining ride. I started the day picking up something a friend borrowed for a cosplay she had planned on doing for another con at the beginning of the year but didn’t happen. Oh well. It was hot out, so getting inside felt rather nice. And the lines to pick up badges were given a lot of praise because of how fast they went by.

Pretty much one thing that bothered me the entire time was the fact I didn’t see many of my friends there, and not sure why. But on day one I took off a bit early, but during the time there, i got a nice bunch of photos. So behold.

Day 2: Day started off lame, I had some unforeseen delays, and get here kind of late in the day. I felt kind of drained till a friend of mine spotted me and we talked shortly. After that I found myself feeling pretty good and became charged up. Nothing really different happened during my time there but it was all good still.

Day 3: Much like the day before, I was going as Loki. Seemed bit hotter that day to, and my poor shoulders from carrying my back pack around. I need to figure something new out about that. I got there a bit earlier then the day before to so that felt nice.

Day 4: Last day of the con. Still kind of crowded, got a nice final batch and saw quite a few crazy and entertaining things going. I kind of feel my photos from this year are kind of weak in number, but percentage wise the amount being put online from what was taken is very high, as opposed to previous years. I enjoyed the con, but didn’t find a lot to talk about from what happened, since I didn’t find myself doing a lot of things then just taking photos. Oh well, there should be a video or two coming. Lets see what happens.

Till next year, can only wait.

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