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Hello Good Sir and Madam…

I’m here to inform you of how much of a gigantic ASSHOLE I am. You know it’s really sad when people try to compare the issue of abortion to the holocaust and even promote the idea the nazis pushed it when in fact it was only legal if the baby was seen to be deformed or disabled. Other wise it was very illegal in nazi germany so some people need to stop lying.


Smell the Baby?

I saw the top image and this was the first thing I can think of, so I put it together.

Baby Funeral Scam in LA 0

Baby Funeral Scam in LA

Sometime last week I saw some people while on the bus with these signs and wasn’t sure what was going on or what that was about and I came across this story today. Now the story says they have been seen in Lancaster but I also saw them in the Valley here so they had to of done some traveling. I can’t believe how messed up some people are. I just wish I pulled my camera out and took shots of them in the first place when I noticed something.