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Sandra Fluke

So I was online and I came across this image that I found a little strange. Claiming liberals look at a woman talking about having mad sex and spending her money on birth control she’s not a slut, but they go around calling Palin just that knowing her life with her husband and everything? First of all I don’t have much memory of people calling Palin a slut but I do remember a lot of people making all kind of photoshoppings and drawings making fun of her. Thats pretty much it. As for Fluke I don’t remember her saying anything about herself having any kinds of sex at all in her speech. She did mention other women she knew and how birth control can be used to help on certain medical issues.

So in a way, who ever made the original image here, was wrong on both accounts.

The Abortion Issue… 0

The Abortion Issue…

Rant time. So as we all know the issue when it comes to abortion has always been relatively hot. People on one side taking about protecting life, while others believe it’s the women that has the right to choose and want it legal to prevent the potential return of back alley abortions. Personally I side with the Pro-Choice people because you can’t force a women to carry a baby to term if she doesn’t want to, and most people on the Pro-Life side are willing to make a woman carry it even in the cases of rape and incest. Now as some people know in the state of Texas there has been a battle going on on the issue and there have been protesters shouting out their feeling and holding signs.

One sign was held by a 14 year old girl saying “JESUS ISN’T A DICK SO KEEP HIM OUT OF MY VAGINA!” The reason behind it has to do with the fact those people who are against abortion the most use their religious beliefs as a basis to set laws on which completely goes against separation of church and state. And with no surprise the pro-life people who believe they are following the teaching of their Jesus about love and not judging others, started calling this person they know nothing about a slut, whore, and various other similar terms. Now personally I wouldn’t call anyone a slut or whore unless it was with one of my friends and we are messing around with each other, or it would be some known female figure that would be offended by being called such a thing like Maggie Gallagher of NOM saying something insanely stupid, like claiming the nazis were gay when they in fact killed gay people.

Something else I’ve noticed is that many pro-life leaders also happen to be people against the use of birth control. I don’t understand, encouraging the use of things like condoms and the pill can actually bring down the number of abortions, and they don’t like it for what reason? Although some people claim they want it to be used they also say it’s wrong because it will make women want to have more sex. So? thats bad? Before birth control women already were having sex and just because someone is using birth control doesn’t mean they will be having it more often, it just means the likeliness of pregnancy is going to drop. Basically these people are or happen to be listening to idiots and it seems this is how they are envisioning things when women are using birth control.

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