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It’s Still Sad

This building had some really cool looking graffiti on it and it just gets painted over and other people put new stuff on it thats not as awesome. And all that grass is gone to, lame.


Train ride in Russia, again and again…

LOL, UDO song. but yes, I was on the train when i took the photo below.

anywho, this week by default is Rose with…

“So, there I was, I tell ya…left in the rubble to die, you see…they thought I was dead, but I wasn’t…never saw the plane coming, but WHAM! No one would help me so I crawled-out myself. Some little punk ass bitch yelled, ‘ZOMBIE’…the nerve!”

anywho, are the photos I’m posting to hard? well this might be harder. This looks like it could be some kind of origination, but what is their greater goal? come on people, I know you can post something good.


Caption 4.9.10

this week I was torn between rose and max, rose for her shocking caption but thats to be expected, and max for the interesting idea he had. I’ll go with max with

Winner of the Most Innovative Way to Recycle Old Bubble Gum Award!

and this week

Among a Giant 0

Among a Giant

The U.S. Bank Tower in LA, stats as I post this…
tallest building in california…
tallest west of the mississippi…
9th tallest in the US…
31nd tallest in the world

73 floors, 1,018 ft (310.3 m).