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How do you Fight a Monster?

Really, I was playing Hearthstone because I couldn’t sleep, and while I was playing against some guy, he put this down, then two other cards which doubled it’s health. And yes I did lose this match.


Holiday Card ’13

Took a little longer to make then I wanted but here it is also I didn’t plan on putting the dogs in but it happened anyways.

Valentine’s Card 0

Valentine’s Card

I know, the day has past. I was trying to figure out a way to make the hearts in 3D but couldn’t get it right as I wanted it. I need to actually learn how to use a 3D program. What I did was take a screen shot from the show Bones with David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel and just added the strange crap in. Sadly I can’t find that clip from the shot on youtube so I can’t post, sorry.


Holiday Card ’10

I was having trouble thinking of a good card to make this year, and a friend of mine give me an idea after discovering his hero Christian Bale played Jesus in a movie awhile back. that is all I can think of to write on this post, enjoy.