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The Cycle Needs to End

Yes, I understand Islam is messed up, but so is Christianity. And if you think about it both religions do have a lot in common with each other, and they do both worship the same god. What both groups need to do is get rid of their extremists and they can even work together to do so. Sadly those people that have lost their minds the most don’t even realize that they have done just that.


So I was going by Koreatown and…

I got this while riding on the ride heading to The Grove, and just happened to of saw him just on the corner. So I pulled out my camera real fast and got the shot. But something I’ve noticed about Korean Christians is they are very often pleasant people.

Crazy in Hollywood – Rapture May 21 0

Crazy in Hollywood – Rapture May 21

i’ve been wanting to do this for a while, and finally did last week and put online today. i feel better.

also for the other video i made about the contest to promote LA for tourist, where i my have recorded some of you for. still waiting to hear from someone so i have the OK to load it online myself. I didn’t get all of you in the final cut because i wanted it to be 1 minute or less and had to cut some stuff out. if you don’t see yourself in it after i loaded it online I can make it up to you some how if you want, just let me know.

anywho new completely different video below. and if your wondering whats with the gold colored theme, i’ll let you in on it later. still need to do one more thing with it for it all to be ready.

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