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Tell me a story

so a while back at my college I came into this situation with a few girls in interesting outfits dancing around in this one area of the school. so I did what anyone else would, take some photos, and this one in particular has a story to it, hence the title. and yes the dress is in part made from trashbags

and now to business. this weeks winner is… Onichi with

Hell no, i am not jumping in. I can see where the chemical colored urine is

i saw that and thought right away that new movie coming out Grown Ups at the end of the trailer. do pools really do that?

anywho, I want to know what is the story behind this? and don’t make it to long


Moorpark Mission

So I heard about some flyers that got posted around the college so I decided to use the day to head to moorpark. while on my way I ran into a friend of mine that decided to join me, he took most of the photos. after I was done we walked down to the mission just down the street

was an entertaining day

30 Seconds… 1

30 Seconds…

something my photo teacher awhile ago for the class was to do is take some shots of the college, I thought he said night shots but but that was for something else, he didn’t care if it was day or night. At moorpark there is this fountain was put in to make for a nice entrance, thing is mainly useless, in fact there are little signs around it saying “say out of fountain” and I have reason to believe I’m why.

but yes to the point. I got a shot of the fountain, and was a 30 second shudder…


The Last Production

It is rare when I have the chance make a photoshopping so massive and epic, and this was one of them. When I was in the journalism class at my college, one of the other schools, Cerritos, liked to send us a copy of their paper, Talon Marks every week. We liked to make fun of it a lot, mainly because their images and whole design looked like crap.

And then they sent us a paper with the image seen to the right, on the front of it. No, I don’t blame you for crying. Now if it was up to me I would have done something else completely and maybe not of needed photoshop. I mean really, who mades stuff like this and says it’s cool? and to think this school get awards to.

Then on the back of the paper we see this in-house ad seen on the left side of this paragraph taking an idea from the show Heroes and we start to think of making our own ad. One guy had the idea of the last supper, but call it The Last Production. I almost became Jesus because of how long my hair was, but we also had a guy named Jesus so that works better. So Pretty much what we did was get as many people that was on staff for the class we could and set up our shoot. Sadly some people were in no way available due to the fact they were in other classes they happened to of been in at the time.

Set it all up, took the photo, put in photoshop, created new background in 3D, all me. We didn’t use my camera, in fact mine is in the shot with the giant lens hooked on it. We used another one from one of the guys on staff, and this is what came out… epic.


Multicultural Day ’07

Every year Moorpark College has this event called Multicultal Day at the college, with all kinds of over events, activates, and music. Just to add a little extra crazy to do for the day