Tell me a story

so a while back at my college I came into this situation with a few girls in interesting outfits dancing around in this one area of the school. so I did what anyone else would, take some photos, and this one in particular has a story to it, hence the title. and yes the dress is in part made from trashbags

and now to business. this weeks winner is… Onichi with

Hell no, i am not jumping in. I can see where the chemical colored urine is

i saw that and thought right away that new movie coming out Grown Ups at the end of the trailer. do pools really do that?

anywho, I want to know what is the story behind this? and don’t make it to long

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5 Responses

  1. Kregg says:

    And here I thought white trash was slang.

  2. Jenn says:

    I’ve had static-cling before, but this is ridiculous!

  3. Rose says:

    Auntie Em, it’s a twister, it’s a twister! (take your pick: Original or Johnny on Airplane!)

  4. Michelle says:

    My dress is NOT trashy!

  5. Onichi says:

    It’s it always sad when the Father of the Bride is a cheap-skate?

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