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West Hollywood Halloween ’14 Photos

Finally, after that long wait they are online. I was also at Stan Lee’s Comikaze today which would explain why it took so long. I went down going as Green Lantern this year, something I’ve been wanting to do since 2010, before the movie came out with Ryan Renolds, figuring it knowing the movie is coming out the next year and with everyone knowing who that is and likely not thinking of it would work out. But was Jesus instead that year. Then Hesher, then Loki, then last year Timmy Turner which I’ve been wanting to do for even longer.

Before heading down I knew all to well that it was going to rain, but expected it to be light and not only for a short time, and I was right, for a while tip it started falling hard at around 11 and did so for a good while. We decided to take off a bit early because of it, mainly because of how much harder it would be to take photos. But over all it was a good night.

I just hope it doesn’t rain next year.

Pedobear Costume on ebay 0

Pedobear Costume on ebay

So a friend of mine that created the costume has decided to put it up to sell and with the proceeds made he plans on donating to children’s foundation to help stop child abuse. I know, a little ironic but also makes sense. Now this is the same guy and costume in which I made a mock interview with back during Comic Con ’09 which was used in not just 1, but 2 news reports. His reasoning to sell can be heard in the video below so check it out and make yourself a bid.

To the Cosplayers 1

To the Cosplayers

I came across this graphic recently of cosplayers thanking us photo guys for our hard work and dedication as photographers, which I find strange because they are the ones that spend the time and money putting these outfits together. I just walk up to them and say “hey, can I take a photo?” and post it online for everyone to check out. So I felt I should make something back showing them some love. Now yes, sometimes I might also dress up myself, like when I was Loki during ALA or once dressed up as Vicious from Cowboy Bebop, but my costumes are usually made up of stuff I have already or buy at the store and just put on. Many of those people actually make them from materials they buy from various stores, while studying the photos of who they are dressing up as so they can get it just right. More power to them.


WeHo Halloween ’12

So I had a good night, had a lot of fun, and I had a bunch of people stop me and ask for a photo as I was going as Loki in the suit...


Poor Girl

alrgiht, this weeks winner once again is Andrew with…

Our economy is going-Oooooh, look at the kitty!

someone is on a roll or should I say where the hell are the rest of you people? This week. Being halloween is coming why not use a halloween photo. I was a looking through some of my older photos thinking I would find something good only to notice for some strange reason there are some good ones I never posted online for some reason and this was one I liked people protesting the Halloween Carnival (not really, it was part of their costume). You tell me.

Anime Expo ’11 Video 0

Anime Expo ’11 Video

The video is now online, four days of crazy, and good times. Also what makes me really happy is the fact this year my tape didn’t mess up. Still, I’m in need of a new camera to do video that isn’t mini DV so that way I can have higher quality video and be better to work with.

Also for some humor reasons I put a futurama clip in, you’ll see why. Last the song that takes over the LMFAO song “Party Rock Anthem” is “Indifferent Suns” from Dark Tranquillity.


Caption 3.5.10

this weeks winner is Jenn with

You callin’ me YELLA?!

I laughed for a good minute form that, now this weeks photo