West Hollywood Halloween ’14 Photos

Finally, after that long wait they are online. I was also at Stan Lee’s Comikaze today which would explain why it took so long. I went down going as Green Lantern this year, something I’ve been wanting to do since 2010, before the movie came out with Ryan Renolds, figuring it knowing the movie is coming out the next year and with everyone knowing who that is and likely not thinking of it would work out. But was Jesus instead that year. Then Hesher, then Loki, then last year Timmy Turner which I’ve been wanting to do for even longer.

Before heading down I knew all to well that it was going to rain, but expected it to be light and not only for a short time, and I was right, for a while tip it started falling hard at around 11 and did so for a good while. We decided to take off a bit early because of it, mainly because of how much harder it would be to take photos. But over all it was a good night.

I just hope it doesn’t rain next year.

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