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We are all messed up.

A thing I’ve noticed about some people that really bothers me is how view themselves in a specific fashion. They look at others with different views of the world and ideas and they take in to thought they are insane or have lost their minds. And at times they’ll even tell the person they should try to be normal. Now what is this normal they speak of? What they are used to? What they are themselves? What is normal for one person is going to be strange for another, and then you have people more like me that don’t care. Now many people know what they do it isn’t the norm but if they aren’t hurting anyone whats the problem? People just want to do the things they enjoy and they want to be happy, so can’t you just let a person be just that?


He’s gone Crazy

even though I missed the Run or Dye event I spent the day hanging with some other buddies of mine. The wackiness I take part of never ends.


WeHo Halloween ’11

What a night, and I would say better then last year to. This year I went as Hesher from the movie Hesher with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Rainn Wilson, and Natalie Portman. It was a rather entertaining movie with the most hilarious vandalism I’ve ever seen happen in it. I almost died when I saw what was put on that one kids car but I’m getting away from the subject. Went down with some friends of mine and met up with a few other people I know and hung for a while and got some nice shots while there.

Now originally this year I was planning of going as Green Lantern and was going to cut my hair (which this is currently batch 3) sometime last month to fit with the costume but I decided to keep it long for what I went as instead. And besides I can always do that again later. I had 2 people know what I was pulling off, one girl think I was some dude from Red Hot Chilly Peppers (eww), another thought I was a hippie, and had one guy that got a photo of me and tell me I have excellent hair. I almost saw a fight happen between a drag queen and an asian dude going as a martini glass, the queen yelled at him to go back to china, to bad the guy was japanese and told him not to worry about it. Last as I was leaving the event I had a cop stop me and ask what was in the bottle. It was a Fiji bottle I relabeled and filled with apple juice. Before I wanted to get a plastic bottle of Jack but I couldn’t find any place around me that had them because I did not want to carry glass around and AJ looks close enough anyways.

That and I’m cheap.

And one more thing, anyone out there that got a photo of me during the event can you email me where you have it posted or send it to me at thesteelshark[at]gmail[dot]com? that would be great.

Crazy Lady Wants Shark Fin Soup 0

Crazy Lady Wants Shark Fin Soup

first of all, WHORE!!! second, yeah, i have no idea what is wrong with me in why I’m not doing much all at lately. I might be because my camera is out right now being fixed because the screen died. i can do some other stuff but kind of can’t think of much still… I’m bored, save me!

and now the video

Anime Expo ’11 Video 0

Anime Expo ’11 Video

The video is now online, four days of crazy, and good times. Also what makes me really happy is the fact this year my tape didn’t mess up. Still, I’m in need of a new camera to do video that isn’t mini DV so that way I can have higher quality video and be better to work with.

Also for some humor reasons I put a futurama clip in, you’ll see why. Last the song that takes over the LMFAO song “Party Rock Anthem” is “Indifferent Suns” from Dark Tranquillity.

Batshit Scilon Anonymous Theatre 0

Batshit Scilon Anonymous Theatre

Was at a scientology protest today, working on photos now… anywho I did not record this nor was this from my camera, only reason I’m posting is I’m in the video. Just a little fun we’re having making fun of some Scientologist that was going batshit crazy in england

good times, good times