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SDCC Giant Creature 0

SDCC Giant Creature

Not sure why but this took hours to upload. Anywho, there will be another video but of something also very cool, but that will be for later.

Snail 0


Quick drawing I meant to post last night, but was out taking photos. Qill post them later, but here is the drawing anyways. Something that has been floating in my head for a while, a snail with arms. I kept thinking to myself before, “what if I can have something that can see around walls, and not have it’s whole head be in danger of getting hit by some projectile?” It was either that or a slug, and I wanted to draw the shell, so yay.

that one hand is huge, and face is to happy looking to me.

From the Depths I Come 0

From the Depths I Come

So for a while I been wanting to draw my own Naga, not to bad but I feel it is to warcraft like. I wanted it to have as much south asian influence as I can fit it but I’m having some trouble on that, and I didn’t want a human head on it so I made… something lizard like. I’ll figure something out more to my liking but for now I’ll use this.