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Kittens Attack Banana 0

Kittens Attack Banana

It’s been awhile since I recorded another video of them. And yes, they have gotten big. As of posting this the video is still being processed. Not sure why it’s taking so long.


Hungry! HUNGRY!

alright, this weeks winner is Andrew with…

404 Error: caption wasn’t found.

now this week, friday was Blasphemy Day so i went to find something that works. so i thought “what can be more blasphemous then a little black cat that was more intelligent pat robertson? and along with the state of texas invented death? and likely had a higher kill count to.” so clearly she is eating something out of this bowl (yes, she is picking it up with her paws and putting it in her mouth, she did that sometimes), what is it? and i can already see babies coming so thats no good to post.



so this week had 2 captions to me that stood out most, and had a lot of trouble figuring it out, but I will go with Michelle with…

My nose job hurts.

but just because i can I’ll also post max’s My brain hurts from trying to think of something that hurts.

yeah, I have been very lazy about posting lately, got a lot going on again. I’m I have some good stuff ready to post, just need to remind myself to do that.

and now this weeks, look at this cute little doggy, I saw it in downtown and was like “I want to say bulldog but I’ve never seen one like this.” french bulldog… now the question is, what does it want?


Caption 2.20.10

sorry for taking so long for the last caption cut off, was gone most of the week last week and just got back home from hanging with some friends of mine. One of them was having a birthday so it was hang with her time

anywho last weeks winner is Rose with

Slipped-past him like I slipped-outta jail and slipped-outta that paternity suit…

I liked the other two a lot, I really did but that just cracked me up most

here is this weeks photo, my kitty being cute, can you believe she is 13? and still very healthy and active. right now she is sleeping in my lap