Caption 2.20.10

sorry for taking so long for the last caption cut off, was gone most of the week last week and just got back home from hanging with some friends of mine. One of them was having a birthday so it was hang with her time

anywho last weeks winner is Rose with

Slipped-past him like I slipped-outta jail and slipped-outta that paternity suit…

I liked the other two a lot, I really did but that just cracked me up most

here is this weeks photo, my kitty being cute, can you believe she is 13? and still very healthy and active. right now she is sleeping in my lap

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5 Responses

  1. Jenn says:

    Black cats are awesome (and no that’s not my caption idea).

  2. Rose says:

    CRAP! That new Vietnamese family in the neighborhood just caught Sammy…I could be next…

  3. Sidney Baker says:

    That dog’s been hunting us for weeks, I’m the only one left. Hmm, my tail’s been pointing at the hound’s next victim, wonder who’s next…

  4. William says:

    “You Sir, are an idiot.”

  5. Max says:

    February’s kitty is a cutie! She’s very active, but also enjoys sleeping in people’s laps. đŸ™‚
    = MILF Cat Calendar 2010 =

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