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What is this Strange Place

So while I was playing Diablo 3, I find myself killing some kind of strange goblin that spawned this unusual looking portal which transported me to this bizarre land. I soon found myself to be attacked by flowers, teddy bears, unicorns and left them to be a bloody mess. It was scary but fun.

Hecatonchires 0


So in Greek Mythology was a creature called the Hecatonchires or the Hundred-Handed Ones. On the History Channel there is a show called “Clash of the Gods” and as I posted before mythology fascinates me. In a few episodes they mention the Hundred Handers playing a few roles and I just felt like making my own version.

So to get things started there is no way I can draw something out with a hundred hands because I don’t have the patients, so I cut the number down a lot. So I gave it 6, one for each arm, and just to entertain myself I gave it scorpion like stingers on the back, a lot like that of Andariel of Diablo 2