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Oh, Hey There

Yeah, my cat sure likes the dogs a lot. She was there already, then he jumps up and lays down in front of the dog.


You Must Save Me

The other day I found my dog and cat keeping very close watch of a patch of grass at my place, I knew something was there and as I suspected, a lizard. I picked it up and took it some place safe and as I’m puching it to run away, it turns around and started running up my leg. and every time I kept putting it back on the ground it kept coming back to me. I think it know I didn’t want to hurt it.


Molten Corgi

So I have my warcraft account active again. Ten days, and once I got on this happened. Totally forgot about it but that’s cool I have the little guy. I remember after my last dog died I wanted to get a Corgi, likely because they seem as if they are really cool dogs. Though, it might also have to do with the anime Cowboy Bebop, which there was a Corgi on it named Ein. But the two dog I have now, I like anyways, and they like me. I know this because of how often they like to lick my face.

And remember, gifting game time is always awesome.