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Dress in Drag

So a few days ago people complained about something else stupid. I just think it’s strange that things we have seen in Bugs Bunny cartoons, Pok√©mon, and Disney shows like Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers no one seems to care about, but when it comes to live action everyone panics? Also if you noticed I also put in a couple of shots from the movie Shakespeare in Love which I always remembered seeing that very clip in commercials for it around when it came out in theaters. Now I don’t plan on seeing the play Kinky Boots, even if it comes to LA because I really don’t care for musicals but I’m not going to stop anyone from going to see it if they want to.


Drag Show Fundraiser

So sometime really early last year a friend of mine linked me to this site saying “hey this guy is doing a shirt design contest, got something cool?” and of course I did and mine won… massively.

So a few days ago the guy from the site messaged me again asking if I can make a flyer for this event going on in San Francisco and I figured why not, never make a club event flyer before but sure I can pull it off. The purposes of the show is to help rise money in overturning Prop 8 here in California. In which I really don’t think it should have never been voted on, thats just really taking rights away from people. It’s like “oh my god, two dudes or chicks are marring each other, the world is going to end.” I don’t plan on getting married myself ever but if some other couple wants to why should I stop them? It’s something they want to do and I can’t see how its hurting anyone.

But anywho this was an interesting experiment for me, I make a few other things for it but ended up not getting put in the final version because I guess it wasn’t very fitting. oh well, I might post them up later as stand alone images. and now I have other strange ideas to experiment.

UPDATE: had no address to the place so I messaged the guy again, sent me the info and added it in. yay!