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LA Santa Con ’10

I was roaming around Downtown saturday to get a photo of something I was after, and I noticed something strange on the bus. A lot of people dressed as Santa in one spot. I decided to check this out and ended up hanging with them form when I found them till late in the evening when I had to take off for something else coming up.



All Passed Out

alright, still working on the thing with the galleries, yes it is taking a little while and is a lot to do. I’m mainly updating older image sets and working up to more recent, but I’m also gone a lot lately so that does help explain things, but over all its going well.

but anywho, this weeks winner is Heather with

The doorway to hell never looked so inviting

and now, sometime last month on my way home, late in the afternoon there were these 2 guys all passed out, couldn’t wake them up, I wanted to poke them with sticks just because I can. this is one of them right after he fell out of his seat, and was still out cold… now, what is it that they did to pass out so hard? now I know this might be hard but i believe in you all

note: I know some of you might know already, say something funny, thats what I’m after


Mark Sylvis Tribute Party

So last week I found out about a guy I knew in high school had just died, I always remembered him being a cool guy back then but didn’t really talk to him much. I went to his funeral to honor him and I made everyone feel better, and I kind of feel good about that. After we went to one guys place to have a party in honor of him, so I grabbed my camera for it. I think he would have been proud that he brought so many people together. Party hard in Valhalla my friend…

check them out here