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Caption 4.2.10

this weeks winner is Jenn with

(2010 auditions for insurance mascots)

slow week this week, or the photos are hard to think of something good for?

Reflect The Storm 1

Reflect The Storm

“Away from the light of the sun
Away I find what is really me…”

lol, In Flames song. I was going across Arizona at the time to visit my great grandmother back at the end of ’06

Total Losers 0

Total Losers

sirevil classic: sometimes you can’t help but to laugh at some of the strange people on the internet, yes I am one of them but this is more awesome. Before the text in the pic before said “Yellow Bird” but I decided to fix that. and that was all I did really. but its still funny i would say.

you know its stuff like this that make me glad I’m a photographer, and that I have friends that are