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Nisei Festival ’14

I arrived at the event just after 12, sometime well after everything had started and it didn’t take long to find some people I know. They all saw I look very different from what I tend to and either liked it or was sad. After hanging around for a while I meet up with some people joining in the parade, who were some of the local cosplayers, which if you ask me the parade not only was slow to start but also very slow moving. With luck I also had my blades on so taking photos during it was no problem but really wasn’t much to get. It was nice seeing everyone I know again but over all I was kind of bored.

Plus, I need new blades.


Nisei Festival ’12

So I friend of mine was telling me about this earlier in the week and invited me to join in so I figured why not. So the whole deal of the event is about Japanese Americans and how they are a part of our culture and to celebrate it. It started off with me meeting with some people at this one little staged area during a cosplay competition in which the winner and other favorites won some kind of figurine. so then it was wondering around some more, taking more photos and mainly talking to other people there. And finally the parade. It was rather short and I hung with this one group and took some photos of them as the walked the route. It was strange because I’m a little more used to being in a parade on my rollerblades and taking photos from there, because i’m baller like that. I guess it’s because I didn’t expect that to happen, oh well.

Let the festival commence

Anime Expo ’11 Video 0

Anime Expo ’11 Video

The video is now online, four days of crazy, and good times. Also what makes me really happy is the fact this year my tape didn’t mess up. Still, I’m in need of a new camera to do video that isn’t mini DV so that way I can have higher quality video and be better to work with.

Also for some humor reasons I put a futurama clip in, you’ll see why. Last the song that takes over the LMFAO song “Party Rock Anthem” is “Indifferent Suns” from Dark Tranquillity.

LA Sikh Festival ’11 video 0

LA Sikh Festival ’11 video

after coming from long beach from recording some more video for the promote LA contest, i decided to goto the convention center in hopes i can get some more stuff for it and discovered this going on. as I’m looking I see i can also use this for my video because it shows LA is a very multicultural place and you can find something for about anyone around the world. also you can get some nice swag at cultural events. something i got was a little flag that I sadly lost heading back home, oh well, I’ll be working on the photos hopefully later today.