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Got ya SUCKA!

so I hear football season is on again. Can’t wait to Super Bowl sunday for it to be all over with again.


Oh no you don’t…

I know, I haven’t really do doing much in a while, mainly because there is nothing going on really. this sucks entirely. Also I wanted to post something else football related after the game sunday but forgot and now posting anyways.

Are you ready for some Football? 4

Are you ready for some Football?

alright, this week was hard to pick a winner, it really was because i liked all the captions a lot. despite the fact there isn’t a lot that gets posted but thats typical. so this weeks winner is Kombat with…

Barring illegal immigrants from joining the taxpayer’s workforce has seen some interesting results.

so the superbowl is next week on sunday, lets post up another one of my football shots and see what everyone can think of for it. might be hard but i believe in the lot of you. prove me right.


POW! straight to the Moon

alright, so by default this weeks winner is Will with…

i was champions in soviet russia

yeah, this week should be easier, much easier. now, this guy here was punched, note the little cotton thing in his nose. what reason was he punched for? to help a little, this was at a football game.


And now the kicker

not much at all last week, kind of sad about that but oh well. this weeks winner is Kregg with…

How serious is this? I took off the second pair of sunglasses, that’s how serious this is.

I saw that and right away I was like HA! and now for this week, not only is it a test of your imagination but a little bit of photoshop too. if you suck at it I’ll forgive you, now what is this football player really about to kick? put your object in and post your link. but if you also have a good caption feel free to also post that up


Caption 2.5.10

congrats to this weeks winner, Jenn with…

You have a package from PandemicPanicRUs. Sign here.
You: Oh great. More “Avian Influenza”.

to be honest once I saw that I knew that was going to be hard to beat… now in celebration of the super bowl this sunday I will post a photo I took from a game I was at for when I was in journalism.