Are you ready for some Football?

alright, this week was hard to pick a winner, it really was because i liked all the captions a lot. despite the fact there isn’t a lot that gets posted but thats typical. so this weeks winner is Kombat with…

Barring illegal immigrants from joining the taxpayer’s workforce has seen some interesting results.

so the superbowl is next week on sunday, lets post up another one of my football shots and see what everyone can think of for it. might be hard but i believe in the lot of you. prove me right.

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4 Responses

  1. Vassago says:

    “Where will you be when YOUR laxatives kick in.”


    “I’ll bring her a football. Bitches LOVE footballs.”


    Referee “Captain” Jones and his Pirates would not tolerate this theft.”

  2. Kats says:

    Talk to the hand!

  3. Jenn says:

    Bob’s first “face-palm” moment.

  4. Vassago says:

    Two more

    “Suddenly Brian realized that stealing the game ball, dressed as the opposing team, before the game was over was a terrible Idea.”


    “Suddenly Will remembered that he’d never had any training as a football player in his life.”

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