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Gettipede’ 11

I love the mayhem i go out and take part of. So yesterday was another GLA mission, the Gettipede, where a line of people start working around the Getty Center here in LA and do the same thing as the person in front, say the same thing and same kind of movements and it’s fun to watch all of this. hopefully someone that did video for this will have it online soon and I’ll post it.

Now walk the line


Musical Mission ’10

alright, you all get to see what the new gallery system looks like. So what is going on with these photos, I’m not sure how to describe it so here goes… GLA ran a musical in Los Angeles at a VERY public location, Universal Citywalk that is. it was 5 minutes tops and was some fun, I took photos, and some video. Someone else will be taking care of loading the video online and will post a link when it comes up. in the mean time, enjoy.

in the mean time, enjoy.