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Unicorn 0


A friend of mine awhile ago requested me to draw a unicorn in a field of bacon grass. Not much of it because I’m to lazy to add it all it so I just added it at the feet and the head. Just trying to get myself in the groove of things here. I’m sure if I redrew this on the computer it would be a lot easier making the bacon grass. Lets see if I’m not to lazy to pull that off.


Riding the Blades

I have a video ready to put up, i really do, i just suck at uploading them. during this weekend. also wordpress is being a total pain in the ass when it comes to uploading some photos, getting a lot errors a lot lately.

anywho, this weeks winner is Max with

Irony: “Absolute Chaos” written in absolutely the most non-chaotic way.

now this week, you tell me…