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Whats a Hell?

And what does look like? really I should be taking better photos then crap like this I see around. though funny I can do more.

Bin Ladin in Hell v2.1 0

Bin Ladin in Hell v2.1

I was going to do more on this but didn’t have time to, and, still lazy. here it is, i’ll add more over time and make it look more awesome. enjoy

Now you’re in Hell! 0

Now you’re in Hell!

as I’m sure everyone has heard the great news about bin laden last night. But really, this was a man that while all is devoted followers are out fighting and dying for him, he is living it up in a mansion and i’m sure living the good life. and to make it better, from what i understand before he was killed the crowd used a women that happened to be there as a human shield. So many willing followers ready to fight and die for a cause he gave them but fears death himself. FUCK YOU BIN LADEN! I hope there really is a hell, because i know you would be there.

and if any of you saw the first drawing i did before of this here… I now have an update. do i want to do anymore to it? maybe, we’ll see


The Hell Dude

sirevil classic: I mean like, really old photoshop of mine. not a whole lot I did, I just wanted to find the largest pic of this guy I could at the time and this was it. at the time Dell was having these ads with this guy in it say “dude your getting a dell” and it annoyed most of the planet… so I heard.

so me being me I remade like this, and had to custom make the H which wasn’t hard really. and then added the flame effect to the letters.

something that was funny later on is the guy got caught with weed

Osama in Hell 0

Osama in Hell

I would have to say there are two eras to my work. The classic era where I was mainly known as sirevil starting in 2001 I think, and I would say ended in right around when I got my SLR right at the end of 2005.

Before then I was photoshopping a lot of photos I would find here and there on the internet, but now and then I would mess with something from a camera I had at the time or draw something. This I made back in 2002, a year after 9/11 happened. I remember having a lot of trouble at the time trying to figure out a nose a draw. and someone I knew at the time gave me the idea to look for demon faces and draw off of that.