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Get behind me!

I’ve heard this expression at least a handful of times and I never really understood it. All I could think of was, “are you trying to protect him or something?” People are weird.


You all need it bad…

A friend of mine occasionally cosplays as Nathan Explosion from Metalocalypse, and he’s been wanting me to go as Toki form the show while my hair was still long. I meant to during AX but forgot to and then figured since I’ll also be at Comic Con and my hair is still long I should pull it off for a day. We meet up in costume and before we could wander around I wanted a photo of the two of us for internet meme reasons. now I’m sure many of you have seen the “y’all motherfuckers need jesus” meme right? I wanted to do something else. Just not sure why it’s taken this long to put up the image online.


And the Winner is…

During the Oscars the other night a friend of mine posted this… “Congrats on your Oscar! Great speech!” I wasn’t watching them at all or really paid attention to anything about it but I knew exactly what she was talking about when she said that. Jared Leto had just won an Oscar, and I later found out what he said during his speech. I responded with “thanks! what did I say again?”

I said a few other things about it on my page and other friends of mine responded how they had to do a double take when watching because they thought that was me.

anywho, the photo of Jared leto from who knowns where, the buddy christ edit from Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian, and, you know whats up with the last one.


Promise huh?

Isn’t there some kind of promise in the bible not to cause such a mass killing like that of the flood? well according to the last book, Revelations there will be more mass killings and torture. Texas…


My Anime Expo Cosplays

On Day 2 I went as a Hipster Jesus, because some people I know keeps telling me I look like him and I still had the robe from Halloween 2010 so I split it down the center and went kind of hipster looking. Day 3 I was suit and tie Loki but left my scarf at home but went around like that anyways. Day 4 I was Loki again but this time I had the scarf so all balance in the universe was restored. Note, none of these photos are from my camera.

Also still looking for more photos of myself from the con. If they can be found I’ll post them here.