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Chinese Lion Dance 0

Chinese Lion Dance

I have to say, the new camera takes some nice video. But I have to say once again, more experimentation needs to be done.


Schmoo – The Sea Lion

As some people know the school I went to had a zoo. In my mind, very cool and I would of liked playing with them to but I had other interests. This is Schmoo and I always thought she was pretty cool, and I’m sure I’ve seen her in action during some shows as a kid. When I took this photo I remember during one part of the show they gave her some eye drops because she was partially blind. Then when I heard she died later on it made me kind of sad, but it was nice to know she lived at least a somewhat happy life and I guess helped train some people herself.


Try and run…

Another old chinese new year photo from an event I was at in Thousand Oaks that I snuck my camera into with a nice long lens. God that show was boring.

Pirate Puma 0

Pirate Puma

So earlier I was reminded it was International Talk Like A Pirate Day and was like “I should of made something pirate like today.” Then decided to do a quick drawing of something being one and asked some friends of mine to name me an animal. Right a way I had a response saying Puma. Here you go. Also I just remembered I forgot to add a sword.