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Post Prop 8 Outrage

Photos that I thought I posted on here but turns out I didn’t. This was after the election in ’08 when Prop 8 here in california passed, and that upset a lot of people. Two days after the election there was a massive rally going on in the west LA area going around Westwood, Beverly Hills, and ending up in West Hollywood. A friend of mine wanted to go but she wasn’t sure if she wanted to call sick in work or join up. I let her know if decided to go let me know and I’ll join. She called soon after, met up and rode over. Found a place to park and soon after we found the group coming up to us and walked with them. It was a nice long walk, not entirely sure where we went but I know we did go to this big ass mormon temple I believe was in Westwood because we know the Mormon Church involoved themselves in the push for prop 8 which would explain many of the signs seen.

I just hope this entire mess ends soon.


Day of Decision

So after many months of wait for the california supreme court to decide if prop 8 in california will still hold. some people thought it would be fun to threaten the judges and they voted for it to pass, pissing off the gays once again. wow, way to set things back huh? so it was head to west hollywood to join in the protest, and thats when the 3.7 mile walk to hollywood and highland started.

but before that i went to pershing square in downtown because another thing connected to the whole event was going on that I wanted to get a few shots at also…

like I say, power to the people