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Anyone Watching DareDevil?

It’s on Netflix, and I have to say, that show is pretty intense. I can only wonder right now how crazy the other Marvel Netflix shows will be later on. But first, I’m working on finishing up the show before the new Avengers movie comes out, which will defiantly happen considering how fast I’m going through it.

Also here is something on the show that made me very happy…

AMC Theatres: Avengers Marathon 0

AMC Theatres: Avengers Marathon

I’ve talked to a few friends of about something like this. Gather up together and watch Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America at someones place then go see Avengers but I figure it would be best to do that on a weekend. This might be better that is if I’m not up to anything that day in which I might be anyways so sadness. And this is all being done by AMC Theatres but only a few places are doing this right now. More info will come later on who else will.