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There Goes that News Van

alright, this weeks winner is Brian Obrejan with

I would have delivered all the presents but then I took an arrow to the knee.

Yeah I need to play that game, is it out on mac yet? this week you know there is some kind of story going on here, what is it?

Welcome to Los Angeles 0

Welcome to Los Angeles

first of all, i recorded more people but i had to cut them out because i thought needed it to be under a 1 minute. clearly i was given bad info. if I recorded you and didn’t get in let me know and i’ll find some way to make it up to you if you want.

made for some lame contest i knew i would lose, but why not try anyways. no idea on what to do so i make it like the “welcome to california” ad to show how much there is to do in the area.

here or the rest of the videos that were liked the most. personally i thought most were lame anyways other the one with the hands, I had a nice laugh with it. SUPER LAME FEST

and if they decide to do this contest again, i know exactly what to do now. and it will have my neat visuals

Warlock Performs Magical Intervention for Charlie Sheen EXTREME 0

Warlock Performs Magical Intervention for Charlie Sheen EXTREME

so i saw this news report awhile ago and couldn’t help but to think how strange that was, but I also felt something was missing. watching far to much superhero shows and movies and other stuff like buffy the vampire slayer has totally ruined me because i was expecting neat visuals. so i did what any other bored weirdo would and put a few in. enjoy

Gorgoroth – Here Comes Santa + stuff 0

Gorgoroth – Here Comes Santa + stuff

this weeks music monday, black metal song turned into a christmas song. always funny. also yes, coming up is a lot of stuff like santa con photos. it was something i come to discover...

Pedobear, The New Pedophile? 0

Pedobear, The New Pedophile?

So a lot of news is going about lately about pedobear being called a mascot for child predators. First was a story up in San Luis Obispo County here in California and now in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I understand the fear some people have so I’m not going to blame them. But they should know it’s really a joke, a bad joke but over all still is a joke.

now for the video below, the reason I am posting it is because some of the clips they use for the story comes from some of my video from comic con last year. Wish they messaged me to ask but I would have let them use it anyways, it’s just to funny.

I also know the guy in the costume, I let him know about the stories going about and he said he’s retiring the costume due to the uproar its causing.

Bad News Everyone 0

Bad News Everyone

Something I might have poted before is i have a very old computer, in fact i’ve had it since 2000. it started out with a 30GB drive inside and later added a 120GB, yes...


The Last Production

It is rare when I have the chance make a photoshopping so massive and epic, and this was one of them. When I was in the journalism class at my college, one of the other schools, Cerritos, liked to send us a copy of their paper, Talon Marks every week. We liked to make fun of it a lot, mainly because their images and whole design looked like crap.

And then they sent us a paper with the image seen to the right, on the front of it. No, I don’t blame you for crying. Now if it was up to me I would have done something else completely and maybe not of needed photoshop. I mean really, who mades stuff like this and says it’s cool? and to think this school get awards to.

Then on the back of the paper we see this in-house ad seen on the left side of this paragraph taking an idea from the show Heroes and we start to think of making our own ad. One guy had the idea of the last supper, but call it The Last Production. I almost became Jesus because of how long my hair was, but we also had a guy named Jesus so that works better. So Pretty much what we did was get as many people that was on staff for the class we could and set up our shoot. Sadly some people were in no way available due to the fact they were in other classes they happened to of been in at the time.

Set it all up, took the photo, put in photoshop, created new background in 3D, all me. We didn’t use my camera, in fact mine is in the shot with the giant lens hooked on it. We used another one from one of the guys on staff, and this is what came out… epic.