Bad News Everyone

Something I might have poted before is i have a very old computer, in fact i’ve had it since 2000. it started out with a 30GB drive inside and later added a 120GB, yes long time to have a computer and i had a plan to get a new one maybe next year with USB 3.0 on it. I’m not sure how much longer I can wait because mine now is having more and more problems

and today my 120 GB drive crashed and I lost a lot of stuff on it.

So thats where I need everyones help if you can, to get a new machine. you can help by one of two ways, you can donate to my paypal account at or bring your friends on the site. the more people coming here the better. also sadly it might take longer for me to post new stuff up. but i’ll do what I can.

so please help a brother out…

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