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Tell me, How do I look.

With the new Warcraft expansion coming out, Blizzard has updated the character models for everyone and is doing a promotion to bring people back in the game by offering 7 days free. (and for European players) Of course I’m going to take advantage of that. I have to say, not sure I’ve ever looked so ferocious. Currently my main is level 73 so lets see how fast I can bring him to level 90. I hope I can do this before time is up.

and remember, you can still donate game time.

Alastor the Blademasta 0

Alastor the Blademasta

sirevil classic: so back in my NG BBS days some people posted topics asking to be photoshopped. One of them Alastor that once went by the name “The Blademasta” from Warcraft 3 asked for that one day and a few of us decided to make a few images. and heres what I made, I turned him into an Orc Blademaster form the game. Hey at the time it was awesome.