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Love Story

I might as well post this and hope it spreads before the entire meme burns itself out. Also on a side note, haven’t seen either movie, nor do I care to, just trying to be funny.

Family Values 0

Family Values

Still staying away form the AX stuff from now, all thats left are videos I really do need to do some other things to help keep my mind going. Unfortunately I’m very tired right now and right after I make this post I’m going to sleep. So the story. I’m noticing certain religious fanatics are coming out in force a lot lately. I mean I thought I saw them a lot before but this is getting a little crazy, and yet at the same time I’m also hearing about a continuously dropping number people going to church here in the US. Is there some kind of connection and what could be the reason? One thing that is known about is many of these people is strongly anti, well, almost everything they are and yet they consider themselves they chosen people of their god. Now yes I know not all Christians are like this but this is something that is still rather common.


No World Order huh?

Now and then I see some strange flyers posted around. I’m sure some day they will understand they are being paranoid over nothing.


Smurf Crossing

alright, this weeks winner is Rose Glickman with…

Film crew to capture Human Cannonball Rose Glickman as she attempts to get shot into a huge pile of bacon.

alright, I couldn’t find any good photos to post up this week so I’ll just go with whatever. you tell me.