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Oh, Hey There

Yeah, my cat sure likes the dogs a lot. She was there already, then he jumps up and lays down in front of the dog.

Yorkie-Poodle Mix Puppies 0

Yorkie-Poodle Mix Puppies

Something I’ve been trying to make but it’s hard recording them when the only times they do anything interesting is when it’s to dark to pick much up with the camera. The song i’m using is “Who’s To Blame” from the band Pennywise because I wanted to use something punk with them.


Gentle Giant

awhile back I was at a friends place with some others and she had this puppy at the time (now full grown) and we all held and petted the little guy. And I got this shot. small animals seems to like him anyways.

Someday, Someday… 0

Someday, Someday…

And why is it so hard to do a video of them? they run around and attack each other all the time… when it’s of course to dark to get much anyways. lame.