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Same Old Tactics, New Argument. 0

Same Old Tactics, New Argument.

I’ve been noticing some people making some graphics making a comparison to interracial back in the day and same-sex marriage. So I figured I should make my own trying to maintain as high as an image quality as I can pull off. Sadly I have very few photos of rainbow flags that are useable, but I was in luck when I found this one form the war protest back in ’07

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Red Bull SoapBox photos ’11

yes, photos are finally up. i know, i take to long but i’m not on a computer all day. plus i got back home late last night after doing some other unexpected but rather entertaining things that i will post the photos for that later.

anywho, here are my shots from the race and everything. was fun and got a good spot to watch after the first two cars. next event I need to get a team together to help in promoting the site because i think i have like 3 or 4 people that come here now and then, and i just want to share my adventures with the world of what goes down around here in LA.

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Red Bull Soapbox LA ’09

So on monday when I was watching Heroes I saw an ad for this and was like “you know that looks cool, I’m going to check that out.” So come saturday I headed down and watched the race as it was going on, it took a good while to find a good enough spot to take photos at and when I did it became a lot more fun.

Saw lots of interesting cars and some good crashes, hopefully it will be cooler on the next one around here but over all it was fun.

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Total Losers 0

Total Losers

sirevil classic: sometimes you can’t help but to laugh at some of the strange people on the internet, yes I am one of them but this is more awesome. Before the text in the pic before said “Yellow Bird” but I decided to fix that. and that was all I did really. but its still funny i would say.

you know its stuff like this that make me glad I’m a photographer, and that I have friends that are