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Black Tie Beach ’14 Photos

I have to say, this year was better then last. We had more people, the day was rather nice, and I wasn’t still feeling like crap after being sick last year (I was still in recovery from something that hit me hard last year). Sadly I was later then I had originally wanted but luckily everyone knew where to go and were easy to find. Good thing I did a bit of scouting before to figure out the right place to set up. Most of the people there were new and they said that might of been the most fun they’ve had at the beach.

Though something strange that happened during it was we all saw these strange blue creatures in the water and washing up on shore and I had never seen anything like it. Turns out, this is something thats been happening on our shores for a while. I thought they were jellyfish because they looked like they might of been but turns out they are not.

Well, I enjoyed myself, and can only hope next year will be bigger.


The things I see before the Party

Last week before I went to join everyone during SantaCon, first thing I did was meet up with a friend so I can go together. Yet while on the way to their place I saw this while walking down the street and I felt a bit of happiness.


LA SantaCon ’13 Photos

So FINALLY they are online. Yesterday I was doing a short video shoot with some friends of mine of something I’ve been wanting to do for some time which will be online later because I still have some other things to do with it. And now for the story of the day. I started off meeting with a friend of mine by her place around North Hollywood, while I was dressed in what I called myself a Dark Elf, and took the red line over to Union Station. Along the way we found other santas jumping on from other station to the start of the main event. After reaching Union we jumped on the gold line and ended to East LA and made it to our destination, El Mercadito Mariachi. Where they had food, drinks, and Mariachi band playing for us. It was great.

Then off to our next location, Chinatown, where we hung around the Bruce Lee statute and acted even more weird around the place, had people stop us to take photos and everything. Our third location was LACMA where we played around the lights, the front of the museum and even wondered around the nearby Tar Pits. From there it was starting to get dark and then we went to Rage in West Hollywood. I’ve walked by that place many times during Halloween, Pride, maybe during a rally or two and some other non-event related moment where I just happen to be in the area. We all went in and really took over the dance floor.

After that it was time for me to head home. I found it nice not only seeing everyone again, even if it is only once a year but there were some people that keep seeing me and said I’ve taken so many photos of them before that they wanted one with me. So hopefully I’ll get to find some of those and I’ll post them up here.

And I hope to see you santas again, not just next year but maybe during some other event going on during the year.


Back home from SantaCon ’13

It was a very long but very fun day. Did a lot of traveling around, got lots of photos, hung with excellent people and now I’m home and tired. In fact a little to tried to look through the photos and edit them so they should be online tomorrow because I also have some other little project during the day. But for now here is a sample of what I saw.


SantaCon ’13

Yeah, I’m a little to excited for the event. Ever since I first discovered this event in 2010 I look forward to it every time because it has so much weirdness going on and it just cracks me up. And I would say this is the final grand event of the year, and then the next starts with No Pants Subway which is also a lot of fun.

For anymore info be sure to check this site, this one here, the faceboook event page, and the twitter. Now I don’t have everything right now but there will be more info as the week goes by and I hope to see you there. Also if you are not in LA be sure to check out if your city is also taking part here.


LA Black Tie Beach ’13 Photos

Alright, here we go. It was a rather overcast and cool day at the beach, not really expected for mid august and I also got to the location about an hour after the whole thing started. We had a nice group of people come, just over a dozen and everyone played in the water, frisbee, played int he sand or did something else funny while there. Like always people would walk up to us and ask “whats going on?” and I just told it’s just a day at the beach for us like any other.

Or it was laundry day and that was all we had to wear for the day.


LA Santa Con ’12

So the day started like any other and… no not really. I was on my way to the first stop in Culver City Taking the Expo Line over in order to meet with the santas at two very near by locations just down the street and have breakfast. One Location was the The Culver Hotel and the other was the Rush Street Cafe. I found a near by Chipotle and ate there, and some other santas did the same thing. So after about maybe an hour and a half we gathered up and jumped on the Expo Line to head to our next location. Expo Park. The main place of Interest was the Science Center where the santas would get to see the Space Shuttle that I saw going up Crenshaw 2 months before. While many were looking at the shuttle others where either in the front taking part of the group shoot or in back playing around the Fountain in the Rose Garden.

After we were done with Expo Park we started heading off to our next place of interest in Downtown at the Westin Bonaventure were we partied it out more on the outdoor patio area and had a Punk Band play Christmas songs for us. Mosh Pit in all. After the Bonaventure we headed towards Hollywood and took the Red Line to Hollywood and Vine and walked over to 3 different spots, Velvet Margarita, District 13, and where I was around most during that time, St. Felix and we hung around other places in between. After that it was my time to head home. Hopped on the subway and made my way.

and as they say, nothing better then hanging with Santa all day