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Whats this?

It’s all cold, and wet. And to make things more unusual it turns into water while in your hands.


It’s so hot…

How much I would like to see this in front of my place. Snow on the ground and the sun still out, but even thought it was still really cold that day when I took this photo at Pyramid Lake it would be better then this heat wave we are feeling right now. Then I can dress myself up to be really warm.

Damn Cold Here 1

Damn Cold Here

once again, this weeks winner is Max with…

He’s getting ready for the 3rd Annual No Pants Metro Ride. He’s hoping to impress pantsless girls with his pantsless sexiness.

now for this weeks photo. i went up to pyramid lake with a friend of mine to see some snow and to play with it. but i can tell something is hiding in the bushes here. what is it? and yes i know, it’s going to be hard to think of something good here.


Holiday Card ’09

Might as well post this up, I really should make more holiday involved stuff over the year. This is not the first time I’ve made stuff for this time of the year, first card I made was years ago and used the old shark. One year I made a short very crappy cartoon that I might post up later on, and last year made a card that I was rather happy with. May also post later also but for now this years.


Mac OS X Snow Leopard

I remember awhile ago hearing about people complaining about the box art for the new Mac OS saying “whats with the stock photo of the snow leopard?” so I made my own, using… my own photo of mountains (ugh)

Now I would be nice if I can load Snow Leopard on my computer but there is a problem, you have to have an Intel Mac. I not only don’t have that but my computer is very old, and I am in need of a new one, but I have no money 🙁