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What happened now?

Alright, once again nothing. This week, as I was heading to downtown for new year sI found this guy past out but the countdown could even start and I have no idea what happen. Can you tell?


Secret Stairs

this week was kind of week, I expected more really, not much more but I did. but this week would be Kris with…

And if you view the photo through this filter, it reveals the inner tortured souls of those whose careers ended in the adaptation of Stephanie Meyer novels.

so I’m working on yet ANOTHER gallery system, this time I have something that kind of works for me like I would want it to… unfortunately I have to work on it MANUALLY because I could not find a little more automatic one that worked to my liking. now to work on the rest of them, 2 down so far.

but over all it might encourage me to post more random crap that i get from now and then, I got some of some really cool looking bull dogs and a chick dressed as lady gaga in downtown the other day. don’t worry I’ll post them up. I gave them my card so they’ll get to see the photos sometime soon hopefully. I just have to sort through for the time.

and now this weeks photo, what could be down here?