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Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens 0

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens

Oh, I’ve been waiting to see this trailer for some time, and now it is out. And I see an even more advanced light saber effect has been made. Looks like I should make something even more so. Because why not? and because I can… I’m sure.

Kitten attacks Millennium Falcon 0

Kitten attacks Millennium Falcon

I remember seeing this ad awhile back with a cat on it saying “think of how many funny internet videos you can make with me.” or something long the lines of that. Yeah, I think I’ll try that out.


So I might be on Iranian TV

While in Hollywood I was walking with a friend of mine and I see these two guys, one wit ha mic and the other with a camera. They started walking up to me and I said “oh no.” They asked what was wrong and I said “well I see guys with camera and mic and I know this can’t be good” or something long the lines of that. So they ask me if I know who the person named on the star is here and replied “isn’t that some former Iranian leader dude?” and the whole time they are trying to convince me he’s some kind of big time actor and I keep saying “that looks like a sticker placed on the star, look at the others, there is also a logo on the others symboling what they are known for.” They really tried and I asked what has he been in. They also tried convincing my friend of it and I just went in saying “look I can start peeling this off here.”

Yeah, there was no way they could trick me, but they played well.

May the 4th Be with you. 0

May the 4th Be with you.

Yeah, yeah, Star Wars day as it has been deemed. I wanted to do something star wars like so I got a photo of myself holder a dual bladed light saber that you can not see the handle to because of how I posed. haha. Also yes I am wearing my Yoda shirt.

Star Ocean 0

Star Ocean

So wanting to make some kind of interesting new background image for my computer I went looking through my stuff to se what I can put together that would come out awesome. Unsure I felt I needed something all spacey but wanted more so I looked through my shots of beaches I found the right photo for it. Also using some photos from the Hubble telescope I put this together and drew in clouds for extra measure. I still feel it needs something else but for now I’ll go with this.

Download the 1920×1080 image for your background here.

Spawn More Overlords 0

Spawn More Overlords

So if you ever find yourself playing Starcraft 2 or at least downloading the demo check out the game editor that comes with them where you can make your own maps. But if your a little more experimental like me you would find a way to use the game models, play around with them and add them to strange photos. I’m going to see if can pull off anymore experimenting.

Only a Dream 0

Only a Dream

also seen here on my deviantart page

but right now I’m after mass favs for this on a contest going on on the site so if you are signed up to it help me out.

made form a number of photos I took of stars over the course of a few years, some 3D models I made with what little I know on how to do, photoshop, and two hubble images

Looking for Meteors 0

Looking for Meteors

So I went into my backyard at night with a friend of mine joining me to watch the meteor shower that was going on a few nights ago. We did get to see a few of them fly by but didn’t get any of them on camera, video or still. Mainly whats going on is just a blank screen and the two of us talking to each other… good times

Make sure none of them hit you