So I might be on Iranian TV

While in Hollywood I was walking with a friend of mine and I see these two guys, one wit ha mic and the other with a camera. They started walking up to me and I said “oh no.” They asked what was wrong and I said “well I see guys with camera and mic and I know this can’t be good” or something long the lines of that. So they ask me if I know who the person named on the star is here and replied “isn’t that some former Iranian leader dude?” and the whole time they are trying to convince me he’s some kind of big time actor and I keep saying “that looks like a sticker placed on the star, look at the others, there is also a logo on the others symboling what they are known for.” They really tried and I asked what has he been in. They also tried convincing my friend of it and I just went in saying “look I can start peeling this off here.”

Yeah, there was no way they could trick me, but they played well.

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