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Life sucks when these are your Sunglasses 0

Life sucks when these are your Sunglasses

Yeah, on saturday they broke, and what made it suck more was the fact I had to be out all day on sunday. Man did my eyes hurt a lot. Then when I went out on monday I decided to get a new pair. Oh does that feel better.


Sunset at the Beach

Now that I’ve decided to stop doing the caption thing I can really spend less time trying to find photos that might be funny enough to put something to and actually post more stuff. So last year I was hanging with some friends of mine at the beach and felt I should get some sunset shots in hopes it would be as good as the one I got going down to San Diego on the train for Comic Con before. I think the shot from the train was better but I still think this is nice.


Black Cat

nothing this week… boo

now yes, tonight was friday the 13th, a day so many people fear and i really don’t understand why. this week my little kitty again being adorable. give me a short story of her bringing you fear, what she is thinking, or why she looks so happy, surprise me…

Reflect The Storm 1

Reflect The Storm

“Away from the light of the sun
Away I find what is really me…”

lol, In Flames song. I was going across Arizona at the time to visit my great grandmother back at the end of ’06

Being Planets 0

Being Planets

Just hanging with some people I know down in Fullerton, and we found this made to scale chart of the solar system. one of them decided to say she was the sun, the other two ran around orbiting her acting as planets, at first I got a few stills and this was the one that stood out most.

then I recorded a little video just to add to the humor