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Anime Expo ’12 – Day 4 – Final

They are all now online… yes! so many of them, holy crap. Now day 4 wasn’t exactly very eventful, I walked around taking more photos and a little video (which is coming, not a lot but I have some. just hope tape didn’t warp anywhere), and because there were a lot less people there I didn’t get as many photos but of what I did they came out nicely. Also something I need to do is once again figure out a new gallery system, all this manual stuff is a pain in the ass so I need to pull something off.

And now we have it, final day, see you next year.

AMC Theatres: Avengers Marathon 0

AMC Theatres: Avengers Marathon

I’ve talked to a few friends of about something like this. Gather up together and watch Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America at someones place then go see Avengers but I figure it would be best to do that on a weekend. This might be better that is if I’m not up to anything that day in which I might be anyways so sadness. And this is all being done by AMC Theatres but only a few places are doing this right now. More info will come later on who else will.

Anime Expo ’11 0

Anime Expo ’11

Alright, Day one of photos are up. i’ll edit this post as the con is going on. all should be done after i get back on monday

UPDATE: all photos now online. now to post the story of what went on doing the 4 days and start working on the video, which seems to have came out well. hold on to your butts.



WeHo Halloween ’10

I have to admit, last year was more fun, likely because last year I got more photos and got there earlier. It might have to due with the fan halloween was on a sunday this year, but none the less it was still slighty entertaining. and now what you have been waiting for, the photos

Trick or Treat

Evil Ex #8 0

Evil Ex #8

So on the site Deviantart, they had a contest for the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World which I HAVE YET TO SEE, ugh, but I will. The idea behind it is to create an 8th evil ex and create them in anyway you can think of. so I used my photoshop skills without surprise.

the powers behind this guy? generates anti-matter. wasn’t sure what it would look like so I just made purple flames just to get some from of a type of energy blast to itself project as. i don’t know, the idea works for me so i went with it.

Abstraction 0


something a friend of mine made, I thought it was awesome so I’m posting it on here. he doesn’t have site a or place he can post his work like deviantart or such but when I he does I’ll post a link. but for now, here is his work.

also the story behind the image

An idea I had a couple of months ago. The concept was that people from all over the world started waking up having the abilities they may have fantasized about as a child or currently fantasize about. For a long time I wondered what the mechanism would be for an event like this…
That was until the film “Inception” where people would often forget they were dreaming and participating in a simulation. Same mechanism applies here, a group of people agree to participate in a simulation of fantasy… and forget they are dreaming.

Going Back in Time 0

Going Back in Time

uploaded for a contest on deviantart, the idea of this contest is to make your own version of the end of the world. This is mine, where everything is just going backwards. No internet, bad TV and music, and people that are massively upright and intolerance due to stupidly. This would truly be hell.

While flying around Los Angeles, our hero can’t help but to wonder where he is. Few things look familiar and everything just looks strange over all, and it doesn’t take long for him to find out where his is now.

after seeing this he becomes enraged and unintentionally sets the ground around him on fire.