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Toronto Subway Flood 0

Toronto Subway Flood

Friday one of the subway station in Toronto, Canada flooded and of course come people decided to have a little photoshop fun with it and someone make this. A friend of mine that found the image sent it to me knowing I would like it, and of course I do. Anyways here is the story.


From the Depths I Come

alright, this week I had some good ones, yay, but like everyweek there can be only one, and that one is Brian with

I, for one, welcome our new burger overlords.

and now I want to know where the hell that is from? I know I heard it from some show or movie I’ve watched but can’t figure it out… ugh. anywho, this turtle has come up for something… you tell me.


“I have just met you, and I love you”

I swear, the dog looks like Dug from the movie UP. I was at a friends birthday party this week and ended up getting this shot while there.

but anywho this weeks winner is Max with…

My first time at a nude beach. I’m so nervous! Well, here goes nothing!

he even posted a photoshoping just for fun, wasn’t looking for one but oh well. it cracked me up.

and now this week, what’s up with this? other than using something from the movie or connected to it