“I have just met you, and I love you”

I swear, the dog looks like Dug from the movie UP. I was at a friends birthday party this week and ended up getting this shot while there.

but anywho this weeks winner is Max with…

My first time at a nude beach. I’m so nervous! Well, here goes nothing!

he even posted a photoshoping just for fun, wasn’t looking for one but oh well. it cracked me up.

and now this week, what’s up with this? other than using something from the movie or connected to it

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4 Responses

  1. casey says:

    hehe i love this pic. i didn’t even know anyone was taking pictures when i was looking at Bailey but you caught it perfectly

  2. Rose says:

    Time to cannonball that douche who didn’t give me some of his hot dog…

  3. Onichi says:

    “Hell no, i am not jumping in. I can see where the chemical colored urine is”

  4. Michael says:

    The dog’s plan to substitute the pool’s water with blue Jell-O was a success… and now his master lay at his mercy…

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