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May the 4th Be with you. 0

May the 4th Be with you.

Yeah, yeah, Star Wars day as it has been deemed. I wanted to do something star wars like so I got a photo of myself holder a dual bladed light saber that you can not see the handle to because of how I posed. haha. Also yes I am wearing my Yoda shirt.

What Girls Think About During Sex 0

What Girls Think About During Sex

I found this video last week and was like “does that really happen?” showed some female friends and they responded it does happen and most of those things did come to mind. That is scary. Almost want to make a male version to.


Sir… you tell me

alright, this weeks winner once again is Andrew with…

“Naked Twister at 11!”

which brings the question again where the hell is everyone? this week, of the shirts I have made and put up on cafepress only one has been bought that I know of and I took these photos to post and we added the sword in for the awesomeness effect. But I feel he needs some knight like name. give me something good, and nothing with sharks.

Epic Sword Guy 0

Epic Sword Guy

first off, I’m going to post this link here

So anywho, over time as we are getting more info on this guy we learn that he was a scientoloist AND his first name was mario… But like yeah, I have kind of a mean sense of humor so I decided to turned on smash bros. brawl and take a few screen shots to make a short comic. a little photoshop work and we are done.

Angels and Demons 0

Angels and Demons

I made this before I did the comic, and not sure why I didn’t load this up before. Oh well I’m doing so now, at the time might have been my biggest most epic photoshop at the time. Was done spring ’07. the idea behind this was an angel and demon are battling each other, I have no idea whats going on so I went to check it out and attack me instead.