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It’s a Toad!

It’s, a, bloody, toad! before I goto sleep at night I like to watch TV, and Who Wants to be a Millionaire was on and this question comes up. Right away I said, Horned Toad. The person on stage was unsure and figured it could be the Whale Shark. Sad. So they called in a lifeline, the Plus 1, also unsure they guessed the Whale Shark. Oh boy. Last she asked the attendance and they confirmed to me over 70% of the people there might of failed their biology class. That or never took it.

The Fungals 0

The Fungals

after I got Super Mario Galaxy I was thinking to myself, “you know if mario wasn’t here to save the mushroom kingdom all the time what would they do? would they fight back? if so how? would they ride yoshi to battle?”

was something I wanted to draw out to see what they would look like if the toads went to war.