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Neat new toy or object of Fear? 0

Neat new toy or object of Fear?

And now it’s done. The photo I used of the guy in the suit was Joel Osteen and it worked perfect. The funny part was when I was looking through photos of him one of them was of him at the beach and I was like “holy crap he’s ripped.” but I’m more awesome still with my pretty hair and nice lean build. That and my far greater might.

Fotoshop by Adobé 0

Fotoshop by Adobé

Thats kind of the thing with me, when I take photos and edit them I don’t do heavy editing like that because I don’t see any reason to at all. It’s not natural and looks very unhealthy to the point it can be scary. But if for any reason I am taking photos of something that needs heavy editing it’s because thats what I was planing to do with them in the first place and it’s to do something else I had in mind completely thats more fun.