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Stair Climb LA ’13

I remember running into this last year wondering “whats going on?” Hung around, took some photos and collected some prizes and now I see it’s about to happen again. Time to take some more photos and collect more prizes.


Jenga Towers

Something I’ve noticed about the many of the people that cry out about 9/11 the most are often those that don’t care much for New York at all. Pretty much the same people that like to call everyone a communist and hate on the place for being to liberal.

Also I got the idea from a friend of mine who had photos taken of her throwing a paper airplane at a Jenga tower, but as you see I doubled it up.


Stair Climb for Los Angeles ’12

I was in Downtown today to check on something in the area, and as I was walking by the bank tower I noticed a lot of people in front so I asked what was up. Pretty much it’s a fundraiser event for the YMCA nearby in what you do if you take part of the event is race up the building. There were also tents set up giving out drinks and promoting this new show on NBC Chicago Fire.

But yeah, the stuff I was given, like this drink called Mamma Chia, it was like a more liquified jello with chia seeds inside, and the guy at the tent kept giving me more. I thought it was good. Clearly Kombucha, which is some kind of fermented tea, I haven’t tried it yet but I’m sure it’s fine. This Amazon Coconut Water which I give to a buddy of mine on my way back to my place because he had a long day and he likes the stuff. Sad I don’t get to try it. And last something called CasCal, a fermented, natural soda… I tend not to drink sodas but lets see how this bad boy is anyways.

Wow, I’m doing a lot of promotion here. Maybe you guys can do something cool for me?

Among a Giant 0

Among a Giant

The U.S. Bank Tower in LA, stats as I post this…
tallest building in california…
tallest west of the mississippi…
9th tallest in the US…
31nd tallest in the world

73 floors, 1,018 ft (310.3 m).