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Beaver 0


[insert angry words] barbra streisand!

yeah, when i started the head looked great, then the rest of the body was all messed up looking, then it looked to big compared to the head, and tried redoing the head to better fit the body because I really didn’t want to do the whole thing AGAIN. and the the head looks messed up. I give up, for now… UGH.

but yeah, its a lumberjack, haha, good times


Holiday Card ’09

Might as well post this up, I really should make more holiday involved stuff over the year. This is not the first time I’ve made stuff for this time of the year, first card I made was years ago and used the old shark. One year I made a short very crappy cartoon that I might post up later on, and last year made a card that I was rather happy with. May also post later also but for now this years.